“113” begins & other news

113 - cover 1aTake one novel. Rewrite it from scratch in a different genre and from a different character’s point of view. Release it on Wattpad for free.

That’s 113. Originally called “Making and Remaking Iteration 113”, it is the first book in the Twinmaker series told from Q’s POV, which gives it a more serious, 60’s SF vibe than the original. I later edited this down into the novella “I, Q”, but here it is in all its glory. Or at least it will be once I’ve uploaded it all. Installments will roll out approximately two per day. Enjoy!

Oh, and it even gets its own blurb:

A post-scarcity world transformed by free, instantaneous travel should be paradise, but nothing is ever as it seems. When an ordinary girl uses Improvement, a meme promising a complete physical makeover by little more than wishing for it, she brings into being an artificial mind designed to shepherd her through a sinister transformation that will turn them both into entirely different people.

This brings to three the “books” available on Wattpad at the moment. As well as 113, there’s Matterpunk and Go, both of which collect various stories set in the Twinmaker universe, and they’re also free of charge. I don’t know how long they’ll stay there, so check them out while you can.

redux proof 2In other Twinmaker story news, “The Cuckoo” received an Honorable Mention from the mighty Gardner Dozois in Year’s Best SF 32, page proofs of bonus e-book “Redux” arrived in the mail, and it looks like new story “The Lives of Riley” will be published in Lightspeed Magazine early 2016.

I recently read this story at Old Adelaide Gaol. There’s a picture of me doing so below, very blurry, right up the back. It was spooky and cold, both of which were fitting.

Here’s the opening:

The sirens are growing louder. Riley doesn’t know how the peacekeepers found out–he was so careful, so sure he’d covered every trace of his existence, all of it–but that’s less important now than getting away. He cannot afford to make any more mistakes.

More soon!

riley reading 1

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