Bumping America

YALL allIn the excitement of blog touring, it’s easy to forget that I’m actually kinda really touring at the moment, sadly without d-mat to make it both quicker and easier on my creaky old bones. If you’re in the US, here’s where I’ll be this week:

  • Tuesday: Teen Author Reading Night at the New York Public Library. 6-7.30pm.
  • Saturday: YALLFest! The Charleston Young Adult Book Festival program is now live. The link will tell you where and when I will be onstage.

When I get home next week, I’ll be appearing at Supanova Adelaide (schmoozing with the likes of George R R Martin and several dwarves from The Hobbit) followed shortly by the Clare Writers’ Festival. More info on those as the times draw nearer.

By now copies of the book should be in stores pretty much everywhere, not just in America but in the English-speaking world. I’m blowing it a kiss for luck!

Twinmaker9Edited to add: It’s just occurred to me that the YALLFest colours are the same as those of the UK edition. Coincidence? I think not!

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