The ever-expanding Twinmaker family tree

image by galen daraThere are well over 30 bonus stories set in the Twinmaker universe. Because I like to keep track (and have a thing for lists), here’s a list of which secondary characters appear where and how they connect to Clair and Jesse. Links lead to stories where available; details of the others can be found on the Further Adventures page.

Everyone gets a mention in “I, Q”, pretty much so it’s not on the list, and few of the urban myth stories use names, besides not actually being true, so they’re not here either. But I can add that “Die with a T” is the very urban myth Clair ponders at the beginning of book three. Just in case you’re wondering, come 2015.

Will there be more stories? Are there connections I’ve overlooked? I expect so, on both counts, which means I’ll come back here regularly to keep this lovely list up to date.

Perhaps the ultimate family connection is in the story “Tall Tales about Today My Great-great-granddaughter Will Tell” which firmly places me in the Twinmaker universe!

A much less cheerful list of the things featured in the urban myth stories would include murder, popcorn, Death, crystals, serial killing, Christmas, lightning, and ghosts.

(art for “Death and the Hobbyist” by Galen Dara.)

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