New Twinmaker story – “Incomplete No.7”

Exciting news! Prestigious literary e-zine Review of Australia Fiction (which publishes stories in pairs, one by an established author, the other by someone still on the way up) is publishing a Twinmaker story in its next issue. Paired with a wonderful story by Deb Biancotti is “Incomplete No.7”, which explores life during the timeline of Twinmaker from the point of view of a dupe. Here’s the opening paragraph:

“Something about the eyes: I’ve seen them before. What particular quality triggers this flash of recognition, so powerful I almost slip over on the icy street, I cannot say. Not colour or shape or anything physical like that, since those properties do not commute. The gaze slides towards me, then darts away on catching me looking back. It’s either nervousness or coyness, and I’ve seen it before.”

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Meanwhile, Sam Wildman of Nerdophiles praised Twinmaker’s “dark twist on transporter technology”:

“Twinmaker is an evenly paced thrill ride that gave me probably one of the best reading experiences I had all throughout 2013. Few books got my blood pumping as well as this one and, honestly, I’m not sure exactly how to explain to you all just how awesome this book was. That is why it has taken me so long to write this review. I finished it ages ago but I’m just not sure how to pull my thoughts together here. I don’t want to give too much away because it’s important to sort of lose yourself in the world of Twinmaker.”

And the School Library Journal liked it too: “this novel will appeal to dystopian fiction fans who want an accessible new read. Give this one to teens who enjoy action-packed books such as Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” trilogy”. That name-check pleases me.

Finally the US cover of Crashland is in the can. Release date is February 14th. There will be a countdown!

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