Twinmaker stories ahoy!

Heads up! There’s a new Twinmaker story coming out in a few days, via the most excellent delivery system of Daily SF. If you subscribe now, you can be sure not to miss out – and you’ll reap the benefit of mind-blowing stories every day, delivered right to your inbox.

The imminent arrival of this tale reminded me that I’ve had a few sales recently, sales listed on the “further adventures” page but not blogged about here. They include:

  • 0145AU_Twinmaker10_Page_3 - edited“The Dark Matters” to Galaxy’s Edge.
  • “Sing, My Murdered Darlings” to Dreaming in the Dark, edited by Jack Dann.
  • “Immaterial Progress” to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.
  • “All the Wrong Places” to Meeting Infinity, edited by Jonathan Strahan.
  • “Noah No-one and the Infinity Machine” to Paul Collins for an as-yet unnamed anthology.
  • “Redux” a novella that I hope will be a bonus e-book release later in the year.

There are also several exclusive stories lined up for the Sean Williams Newsletter. Here’s the link to sign up to that. (Contains giveaways, recipes, and other treats!)

That all adds up to a busy year in the Twinmaker universe, what with Hollowgirl/Fall concluding the series in November. I’m excited.

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